Wednesday, April 29, 2009

San Francisco

I'm headed to San Francisco this week, I'll be sure to wear some flowers in my hair... Well not really I'm going for a work conference. But I'm actually kind of excited I love this city and I've only been a couple of times. If you have been you know it is rich with art museums, culture and achitecture. Also it's a great city to replay your favorite scenes from classic movies and TV shows. I know I'll be the one hanging off the cable car pretending I'm on "Full House." Oh wait, I think I just spotted Uncle Jesse, gotta go!


  1. and it's a great place to really soak in the hippie culture. . .or maybe inhale it in! Haight/Ashbury here we come! When are you coming back?!

  2. How fun is that!?!?! I would choose to be a drunk Jennifer Lopez in the "Wedding Planner"...

    Be safe, love ya!


  3. I love San Fran too! It is a great city & the trolley ride is a must. Although I will be honest & say that I did get a little nervous going down the hill. Member the movie "The Rock", & what happened with the trolley? It could happen.............

    Have a good time!

    P.S. The people watching at Fisherman's Warf is awesome!