Is this the page in where I brag endlessly about myself? Oh good, I can do that.

I'm married to this guy.

 And I spend my days with these three. 

I started this little blog as a way to practice my writing skills even when no one wants to hear what I have to say. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? I write a lot about my kids, because everyone says they grow up too fast. I'm trying to capture and record their little personalities so when they grow up and tell me they hate me I'll have evidence of a time when they did not.

I graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Women's Studies.

I loved college and everything about it. Maybe someday I'll go back. I held a few positions in my field and then the kids came along and I decided to do the mom thing full time. I do miss work, some days more than others. I have some incredible days at home and some really challenging ones. Such is life.

Now about those Bachelor Posts...

Once upon a time I started to watch The Bachelor. I did this because there was this guy. (Don't all stories start this way?) Anyway, he would come over to our apartment every week, and he and my roommates would sit down and soak up this God forsaken show. I developed a little crush on said guy and did what every girl does. I pretended to be interested in what he was interested in. So, I joined them week after week as one girl after another was eliminated. I dated said guy for a very short amount if time. Proving no relationships connected with The Bachelor are built to last. 

Though, unfortunately my hankering for The Bachelor did not end. I continued watching it with my roommates. Like all good things college came to an end, but still The Bachelor phenomenon continued. I would get together with girlfriends as we watched and mocked the show. It was at one of these viewing parties I thought someone should really write this down. So I started to blog about it. I offer, each week, a very sarcastic and cynical review. Readers keep coming back each week to read these posts. I love you for that.

I have not covered each and every season but enough, if you'd like to catch up you can look in myarchives or search for it in my search bar. Both are on the right sidebar of this blog. They are labeled asBachelor Review: Juan's season. (Bachelor Review: Sean's season... and so on). The Bachelorette's are labeled as Bachelorette Review: Emily's season and so on.

Thanks for reading.


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