Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Read

Bloggers and bloggets please advise.... I need a good summer read, preferably a mindless novel that will take me away from reality just enough to convince me that not taking a summer vacation is the way to go. What have you been reading? Tell me. Tell me.


  1. I just finished The Time Travelers Wife, I loved it.

  2. -Water for Elephants by Sara Gruin
    -Plain Truth by Jodi Picult
    -17 minutes by Jodi Picult.
    -The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
    -A thousand splendid suns by Kahlid Husini or something like that
    - Princess Acadamy. Goose Girl. Enna Burning. All by Shannon Hale
    - A long way Gone by Ishmale Bahem I think

    These are all really good reads. I am a member of Shelfari and it has all the books I have read and the ratings.

  3. I gotta say that the Jodi Picoult books are great. I've read most all of hers, my favorite being, "My Sisters Keeper".

    Harry Potter?

  4. You need to get on I love it!

  5. Hey Lindy! Thanks for the comment!

    Oh yes, if you haven't read "Time Traveler's Wife," read it before the movie comes out this summer!

    I also LOVED "The Glass Castle-" amazing!

    Other favorites:

    + "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"
    + "The Book Thief"
    + "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"
    + "Harvesting the Heart" (this is also Jodi Piccoult- I've read some of her other books and didn't love them, but LOVED this one.)

    I could go on and on- keep us updated of what you read and enjoyed!