Monday, July 13, 2009

A Little Warning

Okay normally I have loved the tide stick, but wanted to give a little warning to those of you who are also fans of this modern stain removing miracle... They can go rotten.... I mean actually rot. I used it yesterday and as I was applying this magic onto my white t-shirt that I had stained with chocolate... yes what else, but chocolate, there was an aroma that smelled of baby vomit. I smelled everything around me including Mason and low and behold it was the orange stick causing all the problems. It still worked removing the chocolate as promised but left me smelling as if I had been caring for a newborn. The worst part I was in such a rush I wore the shirt anyway.... my mom is cringing right now. (Mom I have also ironed shirts and skirts with my flat iron, it's almost as if someone else raised me.) Anyway, my advice, smell these puppies before using.

1 comment :

  1. Ha, good to know! Get used to that baby vomit smell..with those twinsies I'm sure you'll smell like it eventually!