Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries Entry 5: Prego Pees in the Trees

Last Saturday I went for the most beautiful run. I ran along the Logan river golf course trail for most of the run, very flat if you know it. At 26 weeks pregnant easy runs have my name all over them. Every fall I am amazed at the vibrant colors. I would argue fall remains the best time of the year to run.
Though I must admit running these days does not bring the stress free everything is going to okay assurance it once did. For one it is simply not easy with this extra weight, and no not just in my tummy these little stubby legs seem to be looking a lot stubbier theses days and are not ideal for running, nor is my booty…. J.Lo Are you my real mommy? Secondly the bladder factor is not conducive to running. Apparently while in a pregnant state one should hydrate more frequently when exercising, or so I’ve read. Though doing this has become really annoying. The more I drink the more I pee… must be science or something. I have found I am unable to get through even a 30 minute run without having to relieve my bladder. I do most of my running outdoors until the weather locks me in, so I must use nature’s toilet. It absolutely disgusts Mason that I do this by the way. As I reached the end of the trail I knew my run would be much more enjoyable if I was able to just empty my bladder. If you know this trail it is hardly remote… but when you gotta go…. So I got off the trail and started hiking into the trees trying to find a patch thick enough that another walker nor golfer would catch a glimpse of what I’m sure is about the sexiest thing. I did find a spot and luckily I am professional when it comes to peeing outdoors, (I can even do it with a pair of skis on if you want to know the truth), I did it real quick and was back on the trail running. As I write this entry I’m reminded of how lucky I am to still be running at this point in my pregnancy and feel grateful for the healthy pregnancy I have enjoyed thus far. Though it is not the same and I’m sure nothing ever will be again…. A good lesson I suppose.

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  1. HA HA HA!! Next time I'm down there taking pictures, I'm going to be searching in the trees for you squatting! ;-) Love ya!