Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Traditions

When I saw this cheesy picture it reminded me of sharing a room with my sister and of one of our family traditions. Each year my family would exchange “Sister Gifts” on Christmas Eve after a day of skiing with dad. And each year on the night before Christmas Eve my older sister, whom I shared a room with, would somehow get it out of me what I was giving her. I would say I’m not telling you it’s a surprise. Paige would then proceed to ask a series of questions such as: What color is it? What letter does it start with? I would shamelessly answer all the while thinking each clue would certainly be too vague to give away what the gift was. Paige would then guess the exact gift and I would say….. No it’s not that, as if I was the tricky one. I told Mason this story last night and for about the 50th time on our marriage he questioned my intelligence.
Well Paige I will give you a sister gift tonight and since I did not share a room with you last night, no clues for you!
As for the picture I’m the one who looks like a little boy.

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