Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby Care?

I’ve just started searching for Daycare’s. Why I haven’t started before now is beyond me. Any suggestions you may have would really help me out! I’m open minded.. house daycares, daycare centers, someone you used and would recommend?


  1. Too much to post, if you want you can call me and we can talk about it.

  2. Oh Lindy,
    I, just like Carissa, have way too much to say on this subject, but unfortunately my words would not be of advice or experience, but rather I'm in the same boat as you and I am absolutely lost when it comes to the quest for "who gets to watch my baby all day instead of me so that I can go to work and pay some of the bills!"
    It's so stressful and I am not looking forward to it myself, but at 4 months pregnant I haven't even looked into it.
    Plus, are you located in Salt Lake or are you up in Logan town? Because I do know of some places in Salt Lake (if you're looking for daycares) but I know absolutely nothing about Logan.
    Good luck and let me know if you find anything wonderful in Salt Lake or if Carissa has any wonderful advice for me as well because I will need it in just a few short months...

  3. You should do what I do and have Val Wright watch your baby...she's awesome! Oh, but you live in Logie. Good luck--finding the right situation is hard...going back to work is even harder.

  4. I found my lady here in SLC on craigslist and I love her. I would also look for some college kid up at USU; they can be cheap and an easy transition from you to the nanny then to maybe daycare... I cried the first time I took Stella to daycare. All the way to work.

  5. You should bring her to Aunt Karli every day... I'll watch her for FREE!!! My no fee will make up for the gas bill you will have... Good luck sweets ~


  6. are you going back full time? I really am not at all sure what I will be doing when I finish school but ideally I will be able to work part time and, if so, am hoping maybe I can find people to trade days with watching kids. I realize this doesn't help you right now but maybe in the future...