Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I did It!

I did what every woman hates to do… swimsuit shopping. Those two words are like nails on a chalk board.. Am I right? It is like a reoccurring nightmare that haunts me each summer, but it was a must. No one wants to see this post pregnancy belly in the suits I use to wear. So there I was at Old Navy.. ,because I’m cheap, where there was not much of a selection because all the skinny bitches went and bought their suits in May and those of us that recently had a baby were holding out as if another 5 pounds would magically disappear if we just gave it one more week. So ladies I bit the bullet bought a cheap suit brought my daughter with me so I wouldn’t later brake down and cry, because hello I need to get her home to eat, I don’t have the time to cry anymore. And no it is not a flattering swimsuit, because first of all that is an oxy moron and second of all I had to go with the only tankini in my size. But I did it, and though I hated it, I did not brake down and cry. I’m calling it a success.


  1. I love all your posts because they are always so right on, especially your last few! I was actually at old navy the other day looking for a swimsuit and ended up leaving with...nothing. I swear other years they had tons of tankinis and this year, nothing. and I'm sure you look great and probably could have worn anything there!

  2. I just laughed my ACE off!!!! That is all so very true!!! I went to Old Navy Monday night to find my suit this year, also post-baby body... and left with nothing. I'm just going to sport tank tops and shorts until those last 5 lbs do really fall off magically, because I'm not working out!!!

    Love you