Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Race Review

On Saturday Mason and I traveled to Burley, ID for a romantic getaway... kidding... I raced the Spudman Triathlon, and it was a lot of fun. Mason was there to support me, calm me down and make sure I put my bike in the right place (I'm a bit of a space case when it comes to this race stuff.)

This is a race I have been wanting to do for quite some time, but something has always come up, and this year the stars aligned and I made it to the race. I did have my fair share of road blocks as far as training goes. I began training when Milly was about 11 weeks or so, before that was just doing some light exercise. When I returned to work after having Milly the earth spun off its axis and I could not figure out how to fit training in with new baby and full time work, and so training became my last priority. I did a little local sprint tri in May, and I will tell you to finish that short race I was pushing myself, so conquering a full tri was going to be no easy task.

When I decided to switch to a job that allow me to work from home I began studying to pass the exam that would make it possible, again training took a farther step back. After I had lined up the new position and was about to quit my job I found out I had to have a thyroidectomy and stayed working for the insurance/benefits to cover said surgery. Recovery from the surgery took about 2 weeks and then training was minimal when I did get back into it. And if I did not right upfront create enough excuses, well then let me tell you this... I have about 5-7 nagging pounds that will not leave my body!!!

Here's the breakdown:

First the 1500 meter swim: The swim was in the snake river and you swim with the current making it a lot easier than a typical open water swim. This is a big race there were 8 different waves to start the swim. The swim was crowded which despite people kicking each other it was kind of nice because I never veered to far from the pack as it is easy to do in open water swims with less people. Swimming is probably my strongest of the three disciplines and I did not put a lot of hours into practicing the swim. As I was swimming I realized even with the current I had underestimated the swim. Near the end my arms were tired and usually they feel just fine. I popped out of the water looked at my watch, which had fogged up and no longer working, so at the time I didn't know how fast my swim was. Later I discovered my swim time was 19:16. I was actually thinking I would do it a little faster, but oh well...

Transition 1: I came running out the water and I felt pretty strong. I had put my bike at the end of the corral. I ran to the end... wait where is my bike.. yep I over shot it and had to run back to where it was. Then on this race you had to put your wetsuit in a plastic bag and drop it off just before mounting the bike.. needless to say this was a very timely transition. 4:22. Nothing to brag about.

Bike 25 miles: As I got on my bike I put the terrible transition behind me. I told myself I felt great, this was my race I deserved to be here just as much as anyone out here and I am going to make this a great race. I noticed the pack of bikers I was with. They were tough, they were fast and I was going to hold the pace. I told myself I was never going to ride less than 18 mph. I questioned whether I could hold the pace as many of training rides I hadn't been able to. The thought came to me.. well you'll never know until you try. Because this race was so populated I had people to keep me on pace. At about mile 8 I started pacing myself with a girl I assumed was in my age group. She would pass me, and then I would pass her. We were not letting up on each other and that's just plain fun. In the pack of bikers were quite a few guys and though they may have started earlier in the swim, (no way of knowing, they don't mark you in this race), I felt good to be keeping pace with some guys. Biking is notably my worst event so I told myself I was going to leave it all on the bike and I would figure out the run when I came to it... I did just that, I was exhausted by the time I got off my bike. I averaged a pace of 20.7 mph.

Transition 2: As I came into the second corral I saw my husband straight ahead right upfront just awaiting my arrival. As I dismounted my bike I thought... I just love that guy. I ran in, racked my bike and here goes the run. This transition was 2:00. Ya I felt a lot better about this one.

Run 6.2 Miles: As I began the run my butt bones were just aching. I told myself they would loosen up and they did. The run started with a hill but after that was flat. I was feeling pretty good. I spotted the group ahead and told myself I was going to close the gap, it took me a long time to do so and I did let more than a few runners pass me by, my motivation was wearing thin. It was cool because the farmers in Burley had their bigg water trucks out to cool the runners down (I really don't know what they were or what to call them.) But you would run under what was basically a shower it felt great and made the race all the more unique. Near the end of the run I caught and passed a girl I was trying to catch up to the whole time. As I ran in the finish they announced my name and call me stupid but I just love when they do that... My run was 58:34. Not bad, but not really that great. As I finished my husband was right there to greet me.. again I just love that guy!
My total time was 2:36. I ended up 15th in my age category which may not seem to impressive, but there were 90 women in my age group so I felt okay about my place.

All things considered I was happy with my performance. I have up to this point just done sprint triathlons, so this was a new and more challenging experience.

Mason thanks for all your support.
Mom thanks for watching Milly.


  1. Well that's just spit in your face, kick ya in the crotch fantastic Lin!!! I'm so proud of you... you are awesome and I love that you caught that girl in the end! Ha she didn't even have a chance.

    Love you lots

    P.S. thanks for loving Mace so much ~ he so loves you back!!!!

  2. I am SOOO proud of YOU!!! You always amaze me with you strength and discipline. I love you!
    Mason, I love how much you love Lindy!


  3. (clap, clap, clap) AMAZING!!! So proud of you! Seriously! I'm without words. :)

  4. WOW!!! I had no idea it was that long! You're amazing and one tough woman! Totally proud that you were hangin' with the guys and that you caught that chick in the end! I loved reading this post! THANKS!
    Love you!

  5. That is awesome! So exciting :)

  6. Lindy- You are AWESOME! That's amazing! I'm thinking you should move out here to Seagull Mountain and get me trained for one those things :) Seriously though, loved this post- I think I'll go running in the morning!

  7. lindy, that is so awesome! and I think 15th in your age group is super impressive. actually I think just doing a triathalon is impressive!