Thursday, October 14, 2010



We got our October on the other day and therefore I took about twenty pictures none of which you decided to grace us with your lovely smile. October marks your eighth month of life and I have hesitated to even document anything about it because I fear you have just not been your happy little self. Apparently teething is quite the ordeal for you, you've got two bottom teeth to show for all your suffering. I cannot believe how big you are (well you're quite small compared to others your age), but you're big to me and something about your face is making you look less like my baby and more like my kid. I find myself continually wondering where the time goes. You have brown eyes like your dad, though they are even darker than his and for some reason I call them your puppy dog eyes. Milly your eyes smile when you smile, they squint up and laugh when you laugh, and sometimes they are so very serious it's as if you are staring into my soul wanting to know if I've got what it takes to be your mom. Milly that same question enters my mind all too often, but I'm afraid I'm the only mom you've got. So you'll just have to deal my dear.

You are getting around like crazy these days. You mostly do the army crawl but your dad and I think you'll put it all together any day now. You continue to have a lot to say, you are constantly making noise and you've got the cutest little voice I have ever heard.

You are much too busy to snuggle anymore, and I must confess I do miss just being able to hold you. You continue to bring a sweet presence into our home. Your sweetness has me wondering if you're really my child. Between your dad and I, I had always assumed we'd get a little smart ass who was mostly on the obnoxious side, but by the grace of God it seems you've got your very own personality.

When I thought of motherhood hypothetically I considered only the tough parts. The worry, the stress, and how it would alter my comfortable and wonderful life. But until it actually happened to me I had never considered the ultimate joy that it would bring me. To carry you inside me, then to hold you in my arms and then for my arms to throw you up in the air as you giggle.. Well this just has to be life's greatest gift.

Love you bug,

Love Mama


  1. I love when you write to Milly! You are such a good writer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And, she's darling!

  2. They never smile when you want them to the most, but frowns are super cute as well! She's SO CUTE!

  3. I agree, you are a great writer. sometimes I want to just copy and paste your posts onto my blog because I usually feel the very same way and you just say it better :) I'm pretty sure Milly gets cuter and cuter with each picture you post.