Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cute Gift Idea

Once upon a time I found myself at Joanne's in search of some fabric. If you know me at all that line probably sounded like a complete lie but it's true. As I wondered through that wretched place I found some bobby pins with plastic flowers attached to them, and because I have the taste of a seven year old I thought they would look delightful in my hair. To my surprise, and I'm sure to yours as well, the flower later broke off and yes the bobby pins did look stupid in my hair. So I simply super glued a hair elastic to the back and I'm now calling it a ring. And as if I hadn't been innovative enough for one day I thought if I paired it with a hand lotion it would make such a sweet little gift.. and so I did.


  1. You are a crack up! Love you to pieces! I hate Joann's too.