Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Christmas

Dear Milly,
You are ten months already. This December will bring your first Christmas, as you can tell I'm just a little excited. In fact when I bought this festive outfit for you I had no idea if it was cheesy or not, it's fair to say that Christmas clouds my judgement.
At ten months you are all over the place and for the first time I have learned that determination will be one of your strong traits. If there is something you want you will get there at all costs.
Ten months seems to have marked a few significant personality milestones. The most notable would be your connection with your daddy. That man can put a smile on your face no matter what. In fact, last night you were entranced by a new toy you had just discovered, when dad walked in the door you dropped the toy immediately and began to scoot yourself up to where he was in your sight, you proceeded to give him the toothiest of grins accompanied by an excited squeal.
You have started to eat table food, you seem to do much better feeding yourself then taking it from me. Please understand Milly your independence threatens my very position, and I do hope you don't grow up too fast.
You remain to reek of sweetness. As I folded your cloths the other day, they smelled so much sweeter than the the rest of the laundry that was washed in the same batch. I thought to myself, oh my, even her laundry is sweet.
Your dad and I both agree, your face looks like a little cartoon. Your skin is so smooth, your smile so cute, and your cheeks so chubby. Like you're too precious to be real.
As I watch you discover the world the around you, it as if I am discovering a new world right along with you. As you see an ornament for the first time, and you look upon it with fascination I am reminded of how beautiful it is. As I take you outside and the snow falls on your little cheeks I am reminded of how magical a snowfall is.
Milly being your mother continues to be my life's greatest privilege. Stay sweet my love.
Love you,