Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Turns Toddler

I don't know if every mother feels as I I do, but lately I've been having anxiety over the fact that my little baby will be turning one. Mason has been trying to convince me, these feelings are completely unnatural, and I am in fact a lunatic. (Mason, the joke is on you, if you'll recall you're the one that asked me to be with you forever.) In truth I don't know what I am so worried about. As if Milly will wake up on the morning of January 29th with her bags all packed and say, "Mom all those afternoons when you thought I was taking a nap I was actually filling out some college applications on the sly. It just so happens I've been accepted to Berkeley, I'm off to Cali, and no I don't need a ride because Jake's waiting in the car for me, he's going to California State, isn't that great?! To which I would most likely respond, "Wait, what? I just changed your diaper two hours ago and stopped breastfeeding you only a few months ago.... and did you even consider for a minute going to an in state school, and who's Jake, and did you know you haven't even learned to walk yet. Oh let me guess Jake will carry you to class, because he's just that wonderful!" I know what you're thinking... Berkeley? Ya, I was pretty impressed myself.


  1. At least you didn't say Jackie... That would have been really scary! Not saying there is anything wrong with that.

  2. At least Jake wasn't waiting outside in a VW wagon with a strange aroma filtering out and some Led Zeppelin blaring..cause that would have been weird.