Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bachelor Review: Week Four

More Observations from the girls

• ABC nice job with putting beds everywhere. We’re all together skipping the couch and getting right to the point. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were condom dispensers conveniently placed next to each bed.
• Michelle woke up with a black eye. We think she must have kicked her own ass. A desperate attempt for attention, a really desperate attempt.
• Loved the group therapy session with Dr. Drew. In seasons past we went on dates to theme parks and heard famous bands play. Not Brad’s season, just more therapy.
• Dr. Drew did not provide quite enough therapy for Brad’s liking and we had to have another quick session with his personal therapist.
• Brad, like all the other bachelors, has NO sense of humor. Seriously dude, crack a joke.
• Every date we talk about the future, journeys, commitment, marriage and children. Most people just say a little something about themselves and then they decide if they would like to see each other again.
• Ashley when you come in with your big boobs and little body and proceed to kick out another girl while she’s talking with Brad, please do not extend your arms, make a pouty face and say. “Hugs?” I mean really.
• Britt, we are concerned about you. Evidently you need to do more food eating and less food writing. Baggy bum swimsuit, not so good.
• Ashley, the dentist, maybe settle down a little. Just maybe.
• Surprise. A helicopter ride. I did not see that coming.
• Chantal, good for you, we liked that you stood up to Michelle. Though I am a bit worried Chantal may have a horse head in her bed tomorrow morning.
• Scaling the building with Michelle. Oh great, let me guess, “We got through that, now we can get through anything.”
• Emily, cute touch on leaving gifts for your daughter. Let’s ask Michelle what she did for her daughter?
• Emily, we still think you’re the sweetest. Though by the looks of your shoes, we never would have known it, eek.
• I decided last night the number one thing I love about the bachelor is the lining up for hello and goodbye hugs. It is too funny. The girls look like hungry school children in line for the best meal of the year.
• Thank goodness for friends, who are as weird as I am, that watched this episode in old, ill fitting prom dresses while drinking martinelli’s.


  1. (clap, clap, clap) You did it again! Love it! Until next week....:)

  2. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Amen, thank goodness for wonderful friends. And wonderful sarcastic comments that keep me watching this show. hugs!??

  3. Dang! I forgot to watch and set my DVR.

  4. "Thank goodness for friends, who are as weird as I am, that watched this episode in old, ill fitting prom dresses while drinking martinelli’s. "
    I'm concerned! Where the hell is Mason?

  5. Thanks a lot. You made me remember how awful all the therapy was last night and I just threw up in my mouth. Can't wait for next week. Here's hoping for some awesome side boobage and more black eyes.

  6. "me thinks you're hilarious." Lindy, I didn't watch the show but I think you're the funniest person alive so I read.

  7. so sad I missed it, but reading your posts kind of make me feel like I was there :)