Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bachelor Review: Week 8

• Final four home town dates! Usually my favorite, but it bored me this season, maybe it has to do with the fact that Brad was in every scene. He is so BORING.
• Chantal first made sure her cats and dog liked Brad. They did indeed, such a relief, for a minute there I thought Chantal would vote herself off.
• Chantal’s family was classic: Ginormous house, plastic surgery mom, mid life crisis dad and the classic brother who will never compare to rich daddy.
• We think Chantal’s mom liked Brad but we cannot be certain her plastic face made it a little difficult to make those facial expressions.
• Chantal’s dad and the overdone self made man sculpture. Barf!
• Ashley’s family. Lovey Dovey. More kisses and hugs at their family gathering than at child’s christening.
• Ashley when you hug your siblings in the same manner or should I say the same straddle that you do with Brad, it does cause some concern.
• Ashley is bouncy and screamy.
• The best part of Ashley’s visit, we found out she is not actually a dentist. I knew it. I knew just knew it. She is still in school. That’s all we know. My prediction is that she may possibly still be in high school…. That’s school right?
• My guess is Ashley didn’t get into med school and going on the bachelor was plan B. Ashley what was plan C? That may have been the better option.
• Shawntel went a little over the top when she had Brad lay on the embalming table. We’ve all made that mistake. Right ladies?
• Shawntel had the most normal family which probably led to her detriment. Because if history is a teacher normal people don’t make it to the end of the bachelor now do they?
• The good news. Shawntel did get the Vegas shopping spree. Time well spent.
• Emily’s visit made me cringe. Brad manipulated Emily into meeting her daughter. The poor daughter was so shy. Can you imagine being 5, your mom has never introduced to any of her male partners and the first time she does a dozen cameras are on you? Too much.
• Even though at Chantal’s home Brad proclaimed he is certain he would be a “Damn good father.” He seemed very uncomfortable around Emily’s daughter.
• We did not meet Emily’s parents on her home town visit, kind of wanted to.
• Brad could not be more awkward if he tried. Is he trying?
• It’s now down to screamy bouncy, big boobs and the southern belle.


  1. I managed to catch the last half of the show last night. It's no where near as fun to watch alone.

  2. HA HA HA HA!! I hate this show!!! HA HA HA!! However, I keep watching. I annoy myself. Also, I vote that he's totally trying to be awkward. . . I can't handle him anymore. But, I am proud of Chris for getting his job back!! YAY!