Monday, July 4, 2011

The Study

I know I know more about my house. How annoying. If you haven’t noticed I am giving the world’s slowest home tour on this blog. Here is the office. The funny thing is, this room is one in which we put the least amount of thought into and it surprisingly feels the most complete.
The pictures above the desk (which my sister took of Mason’s bike, I have always thought they add a contemporary flare while serving a sentimental value.) use to go above my entertainment center in the living room, which is also where I stole the black chairs. And yes it is precisely why I have not revealed the living room to you. The window in the office is in the front of our home, providing wonderful light, and if you drive by you may see me plucking my eyebrows in the office… What? I told you…. Great lighting…
As we have settled into our new home I realize more than ever that it will be one continuous work in progress, one which takes time and money. Mason has been figuring out the important stuff such as sprinklers, drip lines, direct tv and our home security arkadelphia system, while I have been parading through catalogs dreaming and not doing a darn thing about it. So yes my pace is slow but my next big project is the entry way, can’t wait to show you.

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  1. Love it!!! That is a great idea about the pic's of Mason's bike. Can't wait to see more your fabulous decorating of the other rooms!