Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY: Fabric Covered Canvases

This is such an easy way to add art, color and texture to any room.
You'll need plain canvases (mine were painted from a past project, and I just chose to re purpose them), fabric, scissors and some thumbtacks.
Cut your fabric to size. I measured the canvas and then added a couple of inches to each side because you will want to wrap it around the canvas.
 After cutting, iron the fabric, otherwise you will see a big seam or wrinkle on your canvas. Don't skip this step.
 Fold fabric over canvas and secure with a thumbtack, (or a staple gun). Pull fabric tightly. Fold corners much like you would wrap a present.
 I got my fabric from My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop. I found the bolder patterns work best for this kind of project. I'm loving how it turned out.