Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Quick Workout

I must confess for the last few weeks I have reached a new level of motivation. The level, to which I refer, is maybe the lowest point of motivation I have ever experienced. No really, people are starting to confuse me with a sloth. Is there a more useless creature in the entire world? I don't usually have trouble with the whole “being active” aspect of life. Oh now stop it. I’m not bragging, for example, I find it incredibly exhausting to smile and wave at people, see there you go, now you are better than me. With that knowledge under your belt, can I speak honestly with you? I am one of those lucky people who genuinely enjoy exercise, if you were able to prove to me that exercise will not allow me to live a day longer I would tell you that I’d rather be running than listen to another word of your nonsense. But lately and surprisingly, I cannot get myself to move a muscle if not to stick another piece of candy corn in my mouth. Yet one day, or more correctly, every day I found myself on pinterest scrolling through the fitness section. It reminded me of how much I love to move. So, I immediately scrolled though a few more sections of pinterest and did not exercise that day, instead I sat around feeling sorry for myself. What a cute story, right? Well I guess every blog post must have a happy ending and here it is… I did exercise the next day. I was not at the point to which I could drag myself to the gym or brave the cold for a run so I did this little routine in my living room while I watched one of my all time favorite movies while baby girl was napping. I did the set five times with very little rest in between. I would not recommend this for the only fitness regime necessary, but it did the trick for the day. After I finished the sets I did do more crunches, and as I call them, bum crunches, just so I could feel I did a little more damage on the candy corn front. Then, what would you know, the next day I was feeling up to a run, and had one of those runs from which romance novels are based. The moral of the story; if you are feeling unmotivated, first of all, blame it on the winter weather, and maybe your parents and then start with a quick workout such as this one, and maybe it will domino you into a fitness affair.

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  1. I love those romance novel runs!!! I will have to keep this little routine for my sloth days.