Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Dress

Dear Milly,

 You are growing up entirely too fast. You are a crazy busy toddler. You have such funny mannerisms. You are suddenly interested in how things smell, you scrunch up your little face and sniff everything, it's too funny. You are a very social little girl and you talk non-stop. You love going to Kids Club at the gym and you also love nursery.
 You know just how to be amazingly difficult and then without a moments notice you can be incredibly adorable. I think you know what you're doing darling. Christmas with you could not have been more pleasant. You went without naps for two days, (You can now escape from your crib.) Yet, you completely surprised me and instead of crankiness and fits you decided to turn them in for being cute and charming. I'm writing it up as a Christmas Miracle.  
Milly, I  love you.

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