Tuesday, December 6, 2011


She ran in the door tears in her eyes. “Richard, I wrecked the car.”

Eyes widened, anger ensuing, “Was anyone hurt?”

Hands came up to cover her mouth more tears rushed down her face, “No, I’m really sorry.”

He turned to his daughter, “Come on Susan we’ve got to get you to practice.”

Richard and Susan walked out the door to see their family van glaring with destruction.  

Fearing his reaction, Susan looked up at her dad.  He took one long look at the gold van and said, “F***, why do I buy her anything?”

Susan will always remember that ride to softball practice as long, quiet and uncomfortable.

This post was inspired by Write on Edge. The prompt: Your word is CRASH. Take the next ten minutes to write about the first single memory that word calls up. Focus on the emotions and the experience; spend ten minutes really exploring that memory.

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