Friday, December 2, 2011

Hair: Let's talk about it

It was long, layered, curled and took forever to blow dry, but the boy who sat behind me in seventh period, who I thought never noticed me, said, “Wow your hair is really layered.” I’m not sure why I interpreted this as a positive comment, yet I clung to it. Kept it layered, long, and curled and continued my ridiculously time consuming routine.  He began going out with my best friend, her hair much shorter than my own. Not fair. I mean did he not realize taking 30 minutes to blow dry hair is outrageous?
A more sophisticated cut followed yet still on the longer side. Guys like long hair, right? But really you guys some women honestly look better with shorter locks. Men I plead with you, please open your minds up enough to learn this fact. Girls were surpassing me right and left in the maturity area first with their bra size then with their golden highlights. I was left looking like someone had let a 12 year old into the high school. Feeling generous, and the fact I really had nothing to lose, I went with a drastic cut, and donated my long locks to a good cause. When I showed up to school with hair cut to chins length, natural curl screaming through, jaws dropped, girlfriends squealed. Suddenly I understood what Joe from Little Women went through; at least her experience was fictional. I spent the rest of my high school years growing out “my only beauty.”

Throughout the years I have grown out my hair for boyfriends, chopped it off for a job. Highlighted it for a tan, straightened it for fashions sake. My hair is exhausted with its have to please everyone all the time attitude, and come to think of it, so am I!  
This post was inspired by Write on Edge. Thanks for reading.


  1. Hair can be so complicated!! And a bad cut can ruin several weeks of your life!! At least, when you're in high school it can. I still shudder when I think back at THAT hair cut. Ugh.

  2. I enjoyed the reference to Little Women. It's one of my favorite books :)

  3. Kudos for realizing that you're not going to please everyone all the time. It's your hair. Do what you want with it.

    Great take on the prompt!

  4. I love the way you took us through your "journey" with your hair.

    I also loved the humor throughout, made for a fun read and I cringe at the thought of writing my own version of this!

    {My hair must be tired, too! :) }

  5. haha...just chopped mine off at 43 years old! the reilef!!!! great tofind you inthe linkup I am number 60 xxxx

  6. following you on google reader now so looking forward to finding out more!xxx