Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Time to Talk

I'm teaming up with Blogher today to bring a sobering message. In fact I thought about not participating, as this blog usually serves as a light hearted read. Yet, as I read more about the task at hand my heart ached and I thought it best to do my part. We were challenged as bloggers to aid in the effort to end relationship abuse, emotional abuse and domestic violence (Violence UnSilenced). I hope you'll follow some of the links today. The statistics are staggering. One sentence resonated with me and that is "Love should not hurt." Maybe you are in an abusive relationship, maybe you think someone you know is, maybe you'll read something today that will help you determine if you are in one, or if your friend is a victim of an abusive relationship, your coworker, your sister. I invite you to learn a little more about the topic. Like so many difficult situations we find ourselves in, we often think we are alone in our struggle, yet, as attention is brought to such subjects we can learn you are not alone, there are stories just like yours, there is help (Domestic Violence Hotline) out there, there is hope of a Future without violence. Sometimes we have to shine a light on the ugliness that can happen in this world to rid ourselves of it. Love is not abuse.

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