Monday, December 12, 2011

Movie Review: New Years Eve

Look at me revealing a movie review in a timely manner! I actually saw something in the theater instead of standing at a red box in the freezing cold waiting for the teenage couple in front of me to just pick a damn movie already. Who are they trying to kid? They are not going to go home and actually watch the movie, so just pick one, and let us stay-at-home moms, who look forward to this all week take a little more time to select our cheap movie rental. Wow, that escalated quickly. I apologize. Where was I?

Oh yes, my husband and I went out on a little date and saw New Years Eve. It was Mason’s birthday and this was the last movie on earth I thought he’d choose but as we looked at the movie choices before us, we scratched our heads I then strained my neck to look up at him and with my batting beautiful eyes said, “Well, I guess that’s really our only option.” He sighed and said, “Well we never get to see a move in the theater so let’s just do this one.” That kid plays right into my hands every time.
Here’s the sitch. It was a Valentine’s Day remake, but I knew that before I went so I didn’t get the overwhelming urge to stand in the movie theater and yell plagiarism… or loudly ask people, what is the movie version of plagiarism? Is it still plagiarism? I think it is right? Although I think I liked it slightly better than Valentine’s Day. I found the relationships presented in this flick to be relatable on a few levels. A more interesting variety of dating, marriages, friends, patient and parent to child relationships were portrayed. The movie had a rich and hopeful message, though I didn’t find it to be terribly moving, yet in the end I still cried. Which means two things; I have a very small brain which allows me to be easily amused and I am a continual emotional wreck. Isn’t it good to know some things never change?

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