Monday, December 19, 2011

My favorite Christmas Flicks

Well, a few of them anyway.
This movie is British, romantic and lovely
You all know this one. If you don't you are a cotton headed ninny muggins.
Have you seen this? It's a humorous, cynical take on the Christmas Carol. Funny.
I LOVE The Holiday. Kate Winslet is such a delight in this flick. Plus Mason took me to this when we were dating.. makes it all the more romantic for me.
Todd why is the carpet wet? I don't KNOW Margo.
Because you can't have Christmas without it.
Oh Ralphy.
Four Christmases. Really Funny.
The Family Stone. Sad, touching and amusing.
What Christmas movies can you not go without?


  1. The Nativity, Home Alone 2, and Surviving Christmas. If you haven't seen Surviving Christmas, you must!

  2. Great list!! I need more time to watch all these!!