Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bachelor Review: Week 5

The girls and Ben are in Puerto Rico this week.
Courtney is wearing a T-shirt that says, Be Nice. I guess one of the other girls should have worn it so Courtney could actually read the message.  
Nikki gets a one on one. Ben’s only plan for the date was to walk around that was spoiled with all the rain. They proceed to buy culturally authentic clothing. Nikki looked almost cute while Ben, dressed head to toe in white, looked like an old man, but not in the cute way.
Humidity is doing no favors for Ben’s hair.  
Yet surprise, surprise Nikki is “falling” for him. Puke.
Next we have a group date and the girls have to play each other in baseball and the winning team gets to have a beach party with Ben that night.
ABC managed to find the shortest shorts for the girl’s team uniforms. Oh ABC, you know how to win us all over. They also found Ben a uniform which was about 3 sizes too big. He looked like a little boy and not in the cute way.

But seriously, Blakley is kind of a good player. Yet her team loses in the end and she cries along with the rest of her loser team mates. Stupid Biotches… “There’s no crying on baseball!”

Courtney’s team wins. Evil prevails! But really, do you think she’s a witch?

Then Elyse (you know, she’s the one that is a slightly better looking version of Snookie) gets a one on one. She talks about how much she wants to be here with Ben, and that she is taking this journey very seriously. Then she said that over and over again. I mean she beat that horse dead.  In the end she was sent home without a rose, he kicked her right off the yacht into a little tiny, you’ve been rejected boat, it was kind of rough.

So it looks like its back to the Jersey Shore for Elyse. Elyse, the good news, you have really hot legs so I think you’ll be just fine.

When Ben comes home from giving Elyse the boot, Courtney is waiting in the stairwell with a night cap and an offer to go skinny dipping.

Ben, that SOB, jumped right in. He’s and idiot and a jerk and my most sincere wish is all the other find out and walk away and then he is left with only Courtney who will most likely put nasty spells on him for the rest of their time together, which will probably be about 3 weeks.

Emily talks to Ben and apologizes for being a little tattle tale. Then she continues to tattle tale. It was, as Courtney would say, “Not a good look.”

Ben made-out with Jennifer then sent her packing after the rose ceremony. We all thought Emily, the tattler would be going, but I guess she gets another shot.

I thought Ben was just kind of boring, but we are quickly seeing he’s a bit of a jerk. Maybe he and Courtney deserve each other.

See you next week. We’ll be taking this journey to Panama City.


  1. The bachelor watching ladies of Richmond love your reviews each week. Keep 'em coming.

    1. Thanks Heather. I hope you and that cute little girl of yours are doing well.

  2. You nailed it again! maybe you should write the script!! At least maybe there would be a less boring bachelor! And I think they are making Ben keep Emily because her and Courtney are the only real drama. If she goes home who is Courtney going to pick on and then why would we watch!? Oh well, I'm a sucker for awesome predictable drama because I keep coming back so i can read your reviews. Thanks again!