Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Book Review: The Paris Wife

Right off I simply cannot give this book my recommendation. Paula Mclain’s, The Paris Wife, sheds light on the life of Ernest Hemingway while he was married to his first wife, Hadley. You won’t like nor respect Hemingway on a personal level that is the obvious portion of the story. The way he and Hadley conduct their life, left me slightly depressed. As far as a critical analysis of the novel I also cannot grant too many stars. I thought their story became awfully repetitive. A back and forth explanation of the same story over and over again.
A point I couldn’t get out of my mind, was perhaps a lesson we can learn about super talented, successful creatures such as Hemingway. I’m sure this trend doesn’t always ring true, but I think sometimes when someone is really excellent at one thing they often have trouble with the greater things in life. I remember having the same impression after I read one of Lance Armstrong’s autobiographies. Hemingway was all about himself and his work as was Armstrong. It is no wonder with such a mentality that success in that one area can be achieved. If there is one take away; being average may allow for a better way of life.

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