Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby Wants

When I had my first I got spoiled rotten with showers galore. I had gadgets and gizmos a plenty, if you know what I mean. So in a lot of ways I feel pretty set on that front such as: car seat, stroller, swing, boppy, bumbo, diaper genie and of course a hooter hider... you know the kind of stuff that has a new mom speaking a foreign language and thinking, "Does one 6 pound human really require all this shit?" Now that it's my second time around I can toss my head back with laughter and say, "Yes, you're going to need all that shit sweetie."
Anyway, for today I've compiled a list of baby wants, not so much needs.
Like this owl bank from Etsy. Perfect for the shelf I'm putting above his changing table.
And how cute is this handmade mobile from etsy? So sweet.
And what about these loafers for my little gentleman?
And these onsies kill me!
These swaddle blankets make me swoon.


  1. Just FYI, I never had the swaddle blankets with my other babies but this time around everyone kept telling me I "needed" one. I thought they were crazy. I had obviously survived just lovely without one all these years and my babies didn't seem the least bit neglected. But I was given one as a gift after this last baby and I've gotta say, now I know what they were bragging about. Love it! Why didn't I get one sooner? Move those blankets from your "want" to your "need" list. Just sayin.

    1. Emily,
      Mother of 5. Thank you. Done.. I NEED them.

  2. I was just going to say you absolutely have to have the swaddle blankets. And American eagle has some "to die for" styles. Also, has a great selection...good luck. There's always something new with the next child. Can't wait to meet your new little guy.

  3. Dying over the owl. I'm moving it to my NEED list, also, you really do NEED those blankets.