Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Sometimes I make them, most of the time I don’t. However, this past year I dropped my writing habit. For a lot of reasons, really. As writing and blogging became further and further away a piece of me began to fester. A daily fester of anxiety, I’m afraid. It was like a child whining at my feet reaching up for me to hold and instead I picked up my son, picked up the toys, picked up carpool kids, picked up way too many Christmas gifts and continued to neglect the annoying whine, and the desperate reach.

As this year came closer and closer to it’s end I kept thinking I should really pick up this needy kid, called Writing. Give him some attention and see what he wants. I know he needs something. I don’t know if he needs me to analyze the latest bachelor episode? Maybe. Or does he need a blog post here and there to soothe his weary soul? Perhaps he is so high maintenance he requires a novel. I don’t know, but this year I’m going to try to pick this kid up, put him on my hip and carry him through this next year.  My glass is raised to you and your goals as I hope yours is to mine.

Happy New Year,
vintage new year photo


  1. Does this mean you will be watching the Bachelor again? If you thought a whinny baby was bad try 25 fake boobed women!?

    1. Yes that is what it means. May we all step out of our own personal limos this year. Cheers to 2014.
      p.s. I love you skimace.

  2. Welcome back! This post made me happy, I've missed you posts! btw, I loved your Christmas card. Your kiddos are so adorable and getting so big!