Friday, March 28, 2014

Movie Review: Divergent

I saw a movie in the theater. I had to write that down because it hardly ever happens anymore. I went with my book club to see Divergent. We had read the book a few months earlier, so it only made sense to see the movie and then talk about the differences.
If there is a movie made from a book I always read the book before I see the movie. That way I can be thoroughly disappointed in the movie. And if someone likes the movie just for the movie I annoyingly bring up details from the book to make them believe otherwise. I usually act snotty and a bit superior over the whole thing. You'll be happy to know I strayed from my snooty ways and was actually quite pleased with the movie. Say what?

Yes I was pleased. I actually didn't love the book. I read the first and didn't quite have the appetite to devour the next two books. The book struck me as unoriginal. A little too much like the Hunger Games. So with no expectation I was able to enjoy the movie. See, and you thought my cynicism had left me.

My book club and I were mostly enjoying the actor who played four. I can't say I'll attack the next to books but I do think I'll see the next two movies. Why? Because one plus two plus one more equals FOUR.

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