Friday, February 6, 2015

Book Review: Yes Please

I will ever support women in comedy. I think I've said that at least three maybe more times on this blog. Why? Well because I love to laugh and let's face it in a world where women are so praised for being pretty it's refreshing for a woman to be labeled as funny.

Oh and the other reason is that I have this ongoing nightmare that I will arrive into the afterlife and meet Susan B. Anthony. In my nightmare she gives me a disappointed look, like, come on little lady what exactly did you do to help the cause? I cower for a bit but then I square up my chest, squint my eyes, point my finger right at her and say, "Oh Susie B. don't you remember? I always read books authored by women and shows produced by them. I supported their inappropriate and bold humor because I thought it revolutionary!" She'll look at me with the same scorn on her face that Sally Fields had when she looked upon Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias but hey I'll just pretend that I don't understand social cues and ask her to lunch.

So let's get to the review. It's funny and Amy Poehler is a phenomenal woman and powerhouse to the world of comedy. I loved her on SNL and was entertained by the behind the scene glimpses she gives of her experience on SNL.

I envy the relationship she has with Tina Fey. It is rare that two women in the same business can be supportive not competitive. They are an example to us all.

I was thrilled she wrote so much on Parks & Recreation as I have been a fan of the show since its first season.

I also loved how she complained about writing the book throughout the entire book. It was amusing and humanized her.

Poehler is mega successful but still approachable as she lets you in on her personal life which has had its ups and downs like we all have.

Finally, I SO appreciated her short talk. "Short people don't like to be picked up." I cannot tell you how true this is! I spent most of my childhood years being picked up by my peers. It was unbearably humiliating and completely annoying. I only wish she had mentioned being patted on the head which was also a constant for me.

I was touched by her advice to stop wanting the pudding. For that translation you'll have to read the book.

Cheers to you Amy Poehler!


  1. Amen! I loved this book! While I was reading it I thought of you the whole time! YOU are my Amy Poehler in life! Everyone needs a sassy, beautiful, hilarious, inappropriate friend in life. I need to see you more! And I'm glad you loved the book. You're my Amy. The end. Call me.

    1. Well thanks for the recommendation and the compliment!!