Thursday, August 25, 2016


My Gwen girl is nine months and last night I laid awake in my bed and tried to think of why and how it is that someone who does not speak, has no real opinions, interests or hobbies and who demands constant attention can somehow, miraculously bring an entire family so much joy.

I mean it when I say Gwen has brought joy to our home. As I laid awake in my insomniac state trying to figure out this phenomenon I thought perhaps it is her essence, her presence that is so sweet, innocent and pure and that maybe on a minuscule scale those traits still exist within us and they are exasperated by a baby. So when we look at a baby, and when I look at my sweet Gwen I feel good. I feel happy. I feel joy.

It's funny when my first was a baby I would journal her monthly milestones and snap pictures of every little moment. When our second came along the journaling and the pictures tapered. Now, with my darling Gwen this is the first mention of her and she is nine months. In a mommy state of thinking  I should feel bad about this, but you know what I don't. I have enjoyed Gwen instead of obsessing  over milestones. I nursed Gwen without stress for as long as both she and I felt fit and I didn't have to explain it to anyone. I have kissed Gwen one trillion times on every inch of her body because eating her is frowned upon. This experience with Gwen has been wonderfully different and for that I wouldn't trade a journal entry or a picture.

Gwen's smiles with her whole mouth. She has a soft sweet and plump body. She is healthy. I have never had to wonder if she's eating enough. She is a fantastic sleeper. It is like all the worry that can be associated with having a new baby simply doesn't exist. I don't know how that's possible, but it is and it's glorious.

I'm posting a newborn photo because it is gorgeous and sweet and this blog is so out of date I figure anything goes.

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