Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries Entry 1

At 24 weeks this whole pregnancy thing is wearing me right out and I find myself wondering over and over again how people attempt this feat more than once in their lifetime. The adjustments I have had to make are really quite humorous. The first and maybe the most notable happened in the very beginning with the necessity of two sports bras while running. The girls up top seemed to be expanding much more rapidly than an entire human supposedly developing in my abdomen. I was shocked by this occurrence and even more shocked was Mason who said, “If I would have known this happened I would have gotten you pregnant a lot sooner!” Yep, he’s a charmer folks.
The second was all the food aversions; I’ve always been a girl with an appetite that just won’t quit. Even when I was sick while others usually can’t stomach a thing I always could, it use to take an act of God to disturb my appetite. Now it seems all my tastes have changed which I must say is a damn shame because I honestly liked healthy food and put a lot of effort into eating in such a manner. The opposite is true now I’m like bring on the sugar cereal with a side of buttered mashed potatoes please. The other day I even bought a hostess fruit pie, and I “swear to blog” I have not had one of those delicious little devils in over ten years.
Now that I’m entering my sixth month I’m starting to feel large and in charge! I’m constantly reminding myself not to waddle when I walk! The amount of exhaustion I feel while performing the most simple of tasks is quite pathetic. The other morning I went to put on my cute brown zip up boots which first required nylons, BOO for nylons, and all the bending over and pulling up turned my face into a magenta mosaic of some kind and caused me to sit down and take a breather before leaving the house.
Though on the other hand I have been truly enamored by this process I can’t believe that this little girl just keeps growing and I often feel as if I should be doing more. The pitter patter I feel when she is moving around is absolutely priceless. I think this whole pregnancy thing is a big warning to tell me it’s no longer just my life anymore and that I’ll always be connected to this person. I feel excited for her arrival and anxious for it all at the same time. People have said motherhood is the best thing in the world as well as the most difficult. So far… they’re right.


  1. Ok, I feel the very same way!!

  2. HA HA HA!! I LOVED this entry! Mason is quite the little charmer and you are darling! I can't wait to meet this cute little gal. Love ya!

  3. I knew that Mason was a weiner, I mean winner! ;) Yes Boobs are a plus enjoy em while you got em. I can't wait to see this little princess your cooking. Your foods will change, and the "bad" habits you have now won't stay in February. I ate (HAD TO EAT) cereal and ice cream from the carton every night before bed, now I want to, but I won't run over small children to get to it. You will be fine, your hard work is just a different work right now. Love you!

  4. So I am sitting with jack and i asked him what he wanted to tell you and he said, "I want to show her my underwears and use just one hand mom." So there you have it from a two year old:) I have to say that every second they get bigger you fall more and more in love with them. I can't believe how head over hills in love we are with our little munchkins. Life just gets better and better. Love ya and can't wait to meet your little mutt:)

  5. Oh I feel for you honey! Being pregnant is SOOOOO hard...and delivery is hard...and recovery is hard...and adjusting to parenthood is hard...but, ya know what? You take one little look at your stinker and say to yourself..I'd do it all over again! Best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy! Enjoy all those kicks--you'll miss them, I promise!