Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries Entry 2: The Swimsuit Edition

Most of the adjustments I have had to make have to do with exercise. The other morning I got up to go swimming but I hadn’t been in a couple of weeks, apparently a lot of growth happens in a couple weeks time. I put on my race suit that I have been slowly stretching out, I haven’t been able to find maternity suits that are actually meant to swim laps in. (If you know of any let me know). As I attempted to get this swimsuit over my rear, which oddly enough is also carrying something… this baby may have a twin; maybe I’ll ask my Doc if she will ultra sound my ass next time I go in just to be sure. By the time I got the entire suit on it barley covered the girls and slightly resembled a wrestling singlet. Hot I know. Determined to go for a swim I put a sports bra under the suit as to not give the other senior citizen lap swimmers something to buy prescription goggles over.
As I got in the locker room and took off my sweats, I thought… Wow all the other swimmers are going to be so jealous of this back fat spewing out of my suit. I was praying it would stretch as I got in the water.
I started my swim and I just have to say feeling weightless in the water has never felt so good. For the most part swimming is the one exercise I look the least ridiculous doing, as soon as I get in the water that is, for the most part my technique has not had to change. The one exception to this rule is the flip turns. Yes, you little critics it is still safe for me to do flip turns. If you know what a flip turn is, it is the graceful transition you see swimmers do in order for them to avoid stopping and turning at the end of each lap. Well mine don’t look so graceful anymore as I go into the wall and flip I have to separate my legs to accommodate the belly, as I push off the wall. I think if you were to take an underwater shot it would look as if I was going to birth my baby right then and there. But we’ll wait for that.


  1. Where have you been?! You are so hilarious and I miss you desperately! Congratulations on the baby belly- aren't they the best? When are you due, where are you living, etc. I am coming to Utah in December we should try to get together.
    lots of love

  2. 1. You're preggo.
    2. Holy shit you're preggo!
    3. Yay for being preggo!
    4. I miss you.
    6. That's all.

  3. Ha, keep the pregnancy diaries coming...I love them! Water aerobics was the only thing I could do while I was pregnant and I loved being in the water--it sucks when you have to haul your butt out of the pool and waddle back to the dressing room after an hour of weightlessness. Oh well! P.S. I think you should just wear a bikini so you don't have to worry about stretching out a suit. Post pics when you try my idea.

  4. you crack me up! hope everything is going well, and I'm sure you still look great in your swimsuit :)

  5. Lindy,
    Of course you can put me on your blog list. So funny that you made the comment on my blog and I emailed you the next day not even realizing. Small world. Perscription goggles? You crack me up. Keep writing, I miss how funny you are!

  6. Lindy! Congrats on the pregnancy! I didn't even know you were pregnant. Sad how people lose touch after high school huh? I'm glad you found my blog so we can keep in touch better. And yes, you can add me to your blog list! Hawaii is great. Okay... it's AMAZING. Just living the dream. :)

    P.S. Have you heard from Carlos at all?

  7. Lindy,
    So excited that you found my blog because that means that now I get to read yours and catch myself up on the life of Miss Lindy Phippen.
    So exciting that you're preggers! And I may just be a titch jealous that you're having a girl.... so lucky!
    Looks like life is good for you. You can definitely add me to your blog list and check in on me even though I don't add anything new very often but feel free to read my husband's accounts of our life events.
    Keep in touch!
    -Mindy Sue Gygi

  8. Lindy, I love you. You are feeling what everyone feels. Someone commented on your last post about missing the little kicks, trust me you will, you complain about the belly, but I promise you will miss taking her everywhere with you. POST A PICTURE!

  9. Hey! So excited to find you! For sure add me- I need a little lindy in my life again! Congrats on the baby! You'll love it!

  10. HA HA HA HA!! I LOVE these entries. . keep them coming!