Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries Entry 10: Normal you are Not

I went for my 30 week check up. Yes 10 weeks to go. Can you believe it? I’m to the point where I go every two weeks and I’m starting to have appointments with the other Docs in the practice in case mine is not on call when my bag of water gushes down my leg.

This was my first appointment with another Doc. It was funny because my normal doctor has never expressed any concern over how small I am. This doc, however, did. He looked at me and asked how big I was when I was born I told him that I thought I was about 7 lbs. He said, “Is your mom as small as you are?” I said she is a couple maybe three inches taller than me. To which he replied, “So in other words she’s not as small as you, we would… how do I say this consider her normal. You…. (long pause)… are not.” Mason piped in and said, “ Umm.. you better watch it, you’re about to get hit.” I laughed and said. “How you say it is I’m below average.” Its good know that I can still teach someone who’s been to medical school a little something….. like I don’t know “bedside manner”. He looked at me as if what he really wanted to say is what business did you having getting pregnant.. little girl. I wanted to say hey those little people on TLC are procreating, what’s so wrong with me giving it a whirl? He said I will most likely have a 7 lbs. baby at the most and he thinks I will do fine with that and I shouldn’t be concerned. Why thank you doctor, I didn’t remember mentioning a concern but now that you brought it up….

All joking aside Mason and I did enjoy this doctor and would be comfortable if he was the one that ends up between my straddled legs… such a sweet image. Long Sigh…. babies and rabbits and birthing women all so tender and cute. The best news is everything is looking good and healthy and on schedule and for that I am so grateful!

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