Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries Entry 7: Buddha Body

“You’re like a miniature Buddha covered in hair.” –Anchorman

This week marks my 28th week of pregnancy. Mom that means I’m 7 months, (she hates when people tell her in weeks). I’m in the third trimester and I find myself wanting to sing “It’s the final countdown” whenever someone asks how far along I am.
It’s kind of a big milestone in my eyes though I hear it’s a long three months because you get huge and uncomfortable, speaking of huge. The other night I was taking a tub and I caught my reflection in that medal thingy just below the fossit and I thought to myself I look like someone else but who… Is it Anglelina Jolie? NO. Is it Carmen Electra? No. Oh I know I know I look just like that fat little Buddha statue. Perhaps the resemblance is stemming from my wise beyond my years mother’s intuition kicking in. Perhaps it is my short stature defining the similarity. No, I think it may be the round tummy with the breasts resting on it as if the giant abdomen was Mother Nature’s true bra. So Carissa this Belly shot is for you. I know I know I make pregnancy look good. Needless to say this picture is pretty accurate except I am not bald and not tan.

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  1. Is it okay that I look like Buddha, but I'm not pregnant? I sure hope so...