Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries Entry 11: You are my Sunshine

This marks my 31st week of pregnancy. 9 weeks to go!

Yesterday I went to the gym to do a spinning class when I was finished I went down to the locker room and that is where this unfortunate story begins. I was gathering up my things and this woman comes into the locker room singing her heart out. At this point I knew she was clinically insane and started gathering my things little quicker because I just knew this lady was going to talk to me as my belly is often a walking conversation. Sure enough she turns around and asks me if what she is wearing was too revealing. I looked at the black tights the white mini something, not sure what it was, and the lipstick on her teeth. I looked at her and said. “Nope you look awesome.” This, I learned, was the wrong thing to say as it made her ecstatic. She screamed with Glee, “Awesome? Really? You look awesome too are you pregnant?” Wanting to run I said yes again this was the wrong response. She squealed with even more excitement this time as she said “Oh my gosh I’m so happy for you, congratulations!” Then she went in for a huge hug. There I was in the gym embracing this crazy lady. Please keep in mind this woman is a complete stranger to me as well as the planet earth. Then she put her hands on my belly and exclaimed “Oh my gosh I think I felt him move it’s a boy right”. “No it’s a girl,” I said. I was doing the I’m so uncomfortable laugh at this point. She asked me to stop laughing and hold still so she could feel her. Crazy lady then came closer, just as I thought that wasn’t possible, she proceeded to put her head to my stomach and started singing, yes I shit you not she started singing “You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray….” She sang an entire verse to my belly. I continued to laugh only because I did not know what else to do. She again reprimanded me cause my stomach was jiggling with laughter instead of baby movements. I finally said, “If you insist on singing to my stomach I have no choice but to laugh.” After she was done with the serenade she told me the baby wants her name to be Heidi, she then recanted this because her name is Marie and maybe that would be more appropriate. You got it Marie.


  1. holy crap. where do you find these people? didn't mckenzie have some crazy lady at sports academy try to name her baby as well? anyway, that story made my night. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes :)

  2. Shut up!!!! Who does that?!? Okay besides Marie... good story Lind... made my whole week!!

    Love you

  3. Seriously? She must have had a really shiny spirit and because you are so shiny she was attracted to you, lol:) I'm sure baby smith was just a sittin in there thinking,” Mom watch out, I've watched this one from up above and she really is crazy, RUN!" You were so patient with her, you get lots of points for that one for sure!:)

    Lindsey S.

  4. Ummm.... this "crazy lady at the gym" pregnancy story totally tops mine. wow

  5. That is awesome! Marie Smith has a nice ring to it...

  6. Love it! Stuff like that only happens to you!