Monday, January 18, 2010

Pregnancy Diaries Entry 14: Lost but not Forgotten

I have lost a few things in this pregnancy and I find myself longing to have them back
Lost but not forgotten: A waistline. The other night I had a dream I could see muscles in my stomach it was whimsical the dream was interrupted when I got up to go for the 3rd time that night.
Lost but not forgotten: exercise, exercise, exercise. Dear readers I am longing to workout as I once did. I have woken up many mornings thinking I would love nothing more than to run and run hard and for a long time…sigh…
Lost but not forgotten: Cooking. Believe it or not I use to make a real attempt to cook and I loved trying new healthy recipes, sometime after conception this desire was lost and I do hope it returns.
Lost but not forgotten: Sex drive. Need I say more?
Lost but not forgotten: Sleep. I know, I know you’re about to tell me to get use to it….
Lost but not forgotten: My memory, or at least I think I use to have one.. Can’t really remember.
Lost but not forgotten: Driving normally. What I mean? I mean I have to have my seat so far back when I drive to accommodate the belly that my arms are entirely extended. This is not good for a short girl like myself.
Lost but not forgotten: Ankles. When I wake up in the morning before my ankles are swollen I take a good look at them because by the end of the day they have turned into kankles.
Lost but not forgotten: Energy. I am continually amazed by how tired I am. When I get off work I feel all I can do is lay around…. It’s getting really annoying.
Lost but not forgotten: Oxygen. I really want to take a full breath!


  1. You are almost done!! I'm so excited. . then you'll have everything back in time. Well, like you said. . . maybe not the whole sleep thing. But oh well!

  2. I love your pregnancy stories! If it makes you feel any better, I don't think I've eaten a healthy meal in months, I've gone to a restaurant for dinner and ordered dessert and french fries and while Tim was out of town I ate only ice cream for dinner, twice.

  3. I totally stalked you and found your blog through Kenz. Just wanted to tell you that I think you are ADORABLE and a blast to be around. Can't wait for you to experience child birth. :)

  4. Oh Lindy - just wait and see when these things are lost and FORGOTTEN - because you cant even think straight - it's so sad.....