Monday, March 8, 2010

Thoughts on Motherhood

My Milly is 5 weeks now and I feel like I'm just getting my feet on the ground. These little ones can really turn your world upside down. When your nights become days and your days stay days it can leave you feeling well a little psychotic. Really and truly I read that sleep deprivation can cause psychosis. In my case this is true I now hear crying that simply is not there. I'll get out of bed go to Milly's crib only to find my baby sound asleep. When I lay my head down the cries come back and I try to tell the crying to stop so I can fall asleep... you know who else hears voices people at Bell View.
Needless to say I'm left wishing diet coke was a health drink.
After reading "Baby Wise" I'm realizing I'm a "Baby Idiot."
I wish I could be more like Milly that way I could stick a binki in my mouth and all my troubles would go away.
Losing weight is a joke.
Breastfeeding is the craziest most amazing thing I have ever done.
Before getting dressed for the day I have to think "How fast can I get my boobs out of this shirt?" Come to think of it if I would have thought this way in college I could have had a lot more dates. The whole exposing myself every 2-3 hours would not have hurt either.
Tasks that were once considered simple should be recognized with some kind of medal after you have a baby, such as: Showering, doing my hair and getting out of the house.
Dealing with hospital bills and insurance companies right after having a baby is the worlds way of slapping every new parent in the face.
A baby's cry is more horrific than nails on a chalkboard.
When I watch Mason and Milly together I think oh my goodness I can't believe I have a family all of my own!
We LOVE our little miss Milly!


  1. Love it! Oh the joys of being a Mother! You guys have a darling family! Love you!

  2. I love this post because it's SO TRUE:) I would love to see you guys soon, we should plan a get together. By the way, cute beanie:)

  3. Perfect post... "how fast can I get my boobs out of this shirt!" you kill me!!!! You get me excited and a little freaked out for our baby girl!!!!

    Love ya

  4. I am so happy you are doing so well and I love your little Milly so much!

  5. Being a mom. Nothing quite like it. I must tell you that each day gets better and better. My little man is almost 6 months and while it's still not easy, I feel a lot more normal than I did when he was 6 weeks old...hang in there, the best is yet to come!