Friday, March 12, 2010

Your advice please?

So... I need your opinion. I'm thinking of purchasing a jogging stroller but wanted to know.
Do they really make that big of a difference? What brand/style do you have?
I've been using the standard four wheel stroller because of course the little miss still still has to be in the carseat that hooks to it and it works ok... but could it be better?


  1. I would seriously consider a chariot if you are going to spend the money on a jogging stroller. Then you can hook it up to your bike!!! I LOOOVE my chariot, and the jogging attachment does make a huge difference.

  2. You should for surely get a jogging story... The four wheel stroller is great for walking, but if you are running with one of those and hit a rock or pebble it goes all crazy, my friend actually tipped hers over while running with the baby in it from having a rock get all crazy and the tire not turning. The tires on the jogging stroller are made to handle just such situations... I use to have one when Jax was little and I loved it. We'll be getting one for the new baby for sure.

    Just a little "FYI" for ya sista...


  3. I had a jogger with Griff & got a double with Davis & Dallin. They make it sooooo much easier to run. Scouts honor.

  4. We have the Bob.. I know it is pricy.. but SO worth it! You can also get a carseat bar, and the carseat will click in.... great quality and totally worth the money!!

  5. We have one and I would also recommend it - not sure what brand. But it's one you can hook to your bike too so it's nice to have the option of running or biking with the little "big" guy in tow