Monday, June 28, 2010

How my Garden Grows

My garden grows in this little box! I used this last year and it worked like a charm. I have two tomato plants in this box. In my flower beds I planted butternut squash and two more tomato plants. It’s a make shift garden but I’m proud none the less.

Not to brag… ya to brag.. But would you look at that view! Whenever I miss home… or rather the things I miss about home namely target and Nordstrom. I go out to my backyard yard gaze at this view, and repeat “Yes I do like living here” ten times…


  1. THAT is a beautiful view! And i'm so proud of your garden. I kill everything. Oh well.

  2. Your place is perfect for food gardening. Perfect sunlight! Good luck for more veggies!

  3. Its really different living outside your own home and cannot do the usual things you do back home like gardening. I myself had experienced it and whenever I see pictures of gardens like yours, I miss my own. I wish I can go back home sooner and have my garden up and running again.