Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bachelor Pad: Recap

For those of you who missed it...
ABC took the liberty of officially renaming Jonathon to Weatherman.. really they did you guys.. it no longer lists his name as Jonathon... do they have this kind of authority?
Weatherman spent most of the time bitching about Craig, before he was even there! He was just shaking in his little rain boots (there was a 70% chance of rain), his fears came to fruition when Craig showed up on the scene. Weatherman does bring us back to reality when he says, "If Craig wins twister I know there is no God." Really weatherman... Really?!
David and Wes were both there... why? Because America loves an asshole.
David wears a sleeping mask... it's red!
Gwen from Season 2.. COUGAR!
Tenley I know I'm suppose to be routing for you, but you act like a 10 yr. old! 10 yr. olds get locked in bathrooms... I'm sorry that's just the way it is. You think good things will come to you on this show? If an STD is a good thing I guess you're right on track.
Elizabeth you a villain and we all know it, not even the new blond hair can trick us into thinking you're a sweetheart.. eww.. I really dislike you!
Chris Harrison's job got too overwhelming, what with his role as therapist, and now Melissa Rycroft is co hosting... or rather a sexual object for America to stare at while Chris hosts the show.
Twister was way fun, but maybe we should spend a little less time in hair and makeup and more time learning life skills, such as learning left from right.
Craig your Mcdreamy hair is stupid, and what's with all the rolled up linen pants and beach wear?? It's like Jimmy Buffet and Kenney Chesney had a baby named him Craig and dressed him in beach wear for every occasion.
Juan goes because Nikki is obviously bitter and very mentally stable.
Michelle goes.... because nobody locks Tenley in a bathroom and gets away with it.


  1. I'm so glad you don't like Tenley. That girl drives me crazy. Seriously couldn't be in the room with her ten minutes before punching her in her giddy little face. As always, very well put, Lindy. Nothing like good quality reality TV.

  2. Read through this again and I'm still laughing. Love ya!

  3. Melissa or as her friends call her, Mel, makes the show even worth watching... that was the best move they ever made.

  4. David and Wes were both there... why? Because America loves an asshole. My Lindy shining through! I love you

  5. hahahahahahaha!!!!! Lindy I freaking love you. This was the best blog post I have ever read. Especially since I agree with you on everything. By the way, Jennie gave me your blog address so now I can stalk you. How about David's red mask he wore to bed. Why didn't anyone say anything about it. Oh man I am still laughing. It was fun to see you at the Spudman. You completely rocked it. I am very impressed. I have a blog but it is really boring because I am not married and don't have kids but its there. anniesonntag.blogspot.com. Keep in touch girl and again thanks for making my day with this post.

  6. You're a very silly bitch!!! I've never warted the show but I feel like I'm actually on set with those characters... I prolly won't watch it BUT I so can't wait for your weekly reviews because allnthat made me giggle A LOT!!!

    I surely love you