Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Oh my goodness the other night I had a horrific dream, the kind where you wake up in the morning and have to convince yourself that it was in fact a dream.
Here goes...
Mason and I had been dating for I don’t know how long; dreams are not specific in this respect, right? Isn’t that annoying? In my mind Mason and I had become a serious item. I was anticipating his proposal any day now. It was then I found out he had proposed to another. I was shocked, the wind taken out of my sails, the rug pulled out from under me, the wool pulled over my eyes, and any other saying you can think related to finding yourself completely dumbfounded, you should insert here. When I approached Mason about his proposal. I said I thought you loved me, I thought you were going to purpose to me, I thought we were serious. To which he replied, NO, NO, NO, with a look of, this girl can’t be serious, plastered on his face. I felt so stupid. I remember feeling like I couldn’t breathe.

When I awoke from this dream Mason was not laying next me (he goes to the gym early). It wasn’t until I heard the garage door open that I thought, oh phew, he did purpose to me, and we are married, and oh ya we had a kid together.

When Mason arrived I told him about my appalling dream. His only response, “Well was the other girl hot?” Nice Mason, real nice.


  1. I love his reassuring ways.

  2. That is so funny that he would respond like that, sounds like something Kade would say.

  3. Doh.. I hate those kind of dreams.. I still get a little anxious thinking "what if I wouldn't have met Chris in high school.."

    Your husband sounds like a real s.o.b -- usual. At least he chose the right lady..he gets a point.

    Love you

  4. Ha ha ha! Dreams like that are annoying and in a weird way funny. And of course Mason would say that. stinker.