Monday, January 10, 2011

Bachelor Review: Week Two

More observations from the girls:
  •  Kind of a boring episode.
  • SLC girl, we know, we know it's your birthday. It got you a rose. Enough!
  • Southern Belle, who looks like Hugh Hefner's latest girlfriend, Holly.. We like you. We're rooting for you.
  • Ali and Roberto. What would we have done without your interviews with the ladies. You two are so wise.
  • Ali, oops on the dress choice. Ali, the hair?
  • SLC girl you make me want to move out of the state. You scare me. I will be sleeping with one open.
  • Melissa you need to eat something. Maybe you're a really nice person when your stomach is full.
  • We think Chantel may be nursing a baby. There is no other explanation for those boobs.
  • The drama between Melissa (The really skinny one) and Chantel (the one with the boobs) was good, but we've seen better. There is not one person in America who actually knew what those two were fighting about. What we do know is it gave them both the boot. Nice strategy ladies. SLC girl. The coffee question and the fridge question. Deep stuff. Really deep stuff.
  • The rockette girl. We liked you. You're way too cool to be on this show.
  • Brad, we need more shirtless scenes.
  • The girl who has never dated gets a private concert with Train. What?!
  • A carnival date with the dentist. We're not sure what that was about? I guess ABC was trying to get away from the helicopter, bunji jumping dates.
Thanks ladies. I'm really starting to fall for you.


  1. Amen! All my husband could say about Melissa was, "Please put those scary boobs away. Do you not know they do not look normal?"
    I seriously agree with everything!!! SLC girl makes me glad I live in St George! Love this blog! I can tell we are going to be great friends :)

  2. ps...I was getting the feeling that it was SLC girls birthday but I wasn't quite sure. I'm super glad that you cleared that up for me. Thanks ;)

  3. nailed it. All of it. Boobs, shirtless scenes, etc. Well said. And I will be following your Bachelor posts because I watch it too and it is fantastic entertainment. Well, let me husband watches it. But if he asks, I didn't tell you that.

  4. HA HA HA HA!! Oh I love/hate that show. And I love/hate myself for watching it! But I LOVE watching it with you!

  5. It pains me that I know what your talking about.....but it's a train wreck and I can't stop watching,lol:) SLC girl is so weird and I hope she moves after this so that she can't claim our state any more. Great post, so funny!