Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bachelor Review: Week 7

 The second week in a row without my girls. It's been tough, but I've made a call to Brad's therapist who has graciously offered me a few sessions to figure this all out, for only $1,000 a session. Truly a geniune guy.
 • Does Brad actually think he plans these dates?
• Emily and Brad stop talking about the day and start talking about you. Do you have siblings? What are your parents like? You know like you’re on an actual date.
• Brad trying to convince Emily he should meet her daughter. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong
• Shawntel I like you more and more, like your confidence.
• Nice Shawntel on actually talking about something other than where you are, and how amazing the day was.
• Love the fake planted old lady, nice job ABC.
• Emily you need a dating a lesson from Shawntel.
• More helicopters.
• Chris H. you actually showed before the last rose. Good for you buddy, trying to get your job back?
• Does he say the word woman at an unusual frequency, maybe try to throw in a girl every once in awhile Brad.
• Oh my Michelle.. I thought you would stab the other girls with a rose but instead you are going to sink their ship, well played. At least not all of America will know it was you.
• Michelle I don’t know if you know this but no one is asking your opinion.
• If Brit jumps off this cliff I’m worried the wind will pick her up and take her away.. Does she have enough body weight to fall?
• “No doubt about it.” Does Brad have the most limited vocabulary of anyone you’ve ever known?
• One girl was left on a helicopter pad when she was rejected this season she’s escorted off a yacht.. ouch.. harsh. Oh and now she has to face all the girls. Poor Brit. this is too mean, I almost can’t watch this anymore… almost.
• Love how all the girls act like they are friends. Love it.
• Brad did you actually think their dream date is women competing with each other in their swimsuits. Perhaps a dream date for you Brad, but a nightmare for all women everywhere. Gosh you’re dumb.
• This is the longest group date in all Bachelor history.
• Cry baby Chantal, had to fast forward.
• Chris is back to being psychiatrist. Good for you Chris. How happy do you think Chris is right now?
• Michelle is finally gone! I imagine after the cameras are off the other girls will prance around singing the “Wicked witch is dead.”
• Here's what I have to say regarding the final four: If he marries Chantal they will have cheap wedding invitations. If he goes with Ashley she'll select cute wedding invitations. If he chooses shawntel she will pick affordable wedding invitations (I have a feeling she knows how to run a reasonably priced event, if you get my drift.) However if he should marry Emily she will undoubtedley select elegant wedding invitations. Need I say more?


  1. I was surprised Michelle didn't say a word when she was rejected! So unusual. Next week I can't come on Monday and I'm pretty upset about it. At least I'll have your review:)

  2. It was so painful to watch the date with Britt! Poor girl needs some meat on her bones! Also what is with all these girls having like 5 earrings in one ear, yuck!! Loved the review:)

  3. Love your Bachelor posts! I too like Shawntel, but think she's too normal for Brad (can't wait for the tour of the mortuary-he he!). Chantel's tacky, ill placed tattoos lead me to believe she and Brad are a match made in heaven!

    PS- I kind of want to move up yonder near you so I can attend these Bachelor parties! :)