Thursday, February 3, 2011

VintageTiered Tray Project

I was feeling a little Martha the other day. So I woke up put on a clean perfectly pressed white dress shirt with some sensible tan pants and decided today was the day I would make a tiered tray.  
We received this set of pink dishes for our wedding and have never used them, so I thought if I ruined them, no one would miss them. I made a trip to the DI to buy the vases and spent a total of $2.
I did a dry run. To see just how I wanted the trays to look. 
 As you can see all you need is two plates, something to go in between them and some epoxy glue. I lined the edges of the clear vases with the glue and it sets up in 5 minutes. Really easy.
I didn't measure exactly just eyeballed where the center was. They weren't perfect, but once you put something on them, I don't think anyone notices.
 Makes for a great cupcake holders.
Finally a use for my pink dishes.


  1. Hello creative, you just can't help it can you, lol:) Love the where do I find old plates like that?;)

  2. CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Great idea! I may steal it. ;-) But I'll give you all the credit of course.