Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bachelor Review: Week 10

• It was Women Tell All. A crucial episode in where all the girls get together to hash out a relationship none of them will ever have. It’s very important they all embarrass themselves just slightly more than they already have.
• Jackie. Oh my. Where did you come from? You are one mad little woman. You clearly did not have a lot to say to Brad, yet you had a whole lot to say to Michelle.
• Most of the episode was spent attacking Michelle. Do these girls know she did not end up with Brad? Maybe Chris should have made that a little more clear.
• Chris if you have to tell these women of a final rose you may have to clarify that only Emily and Chantal are still in the running.
• Loved. Loved. Chris H. and his therapist act. I don’t care if he’s not licensed he read my soul last night.
• Stacey and Raichel went full force in the attack. Both are classy broads.. one a manscaper and the other a bartender both of which were on the show for about 7 minutes so it was important we give them a voice.
• Stacey went way below the belt and harassed Michelle as a mother.
• Stacey made a claim that her mother would have never put herself before her children. Stacey, you are a bartender and it looks as if Snookie is your stylist, so no one is really going to take parenting advice from your mother my dear. Sorry kids it had to be said.
• Michelle’s sob story is as follows: Here for the right reasons. Sob. I have a daughter. Sob. I have a daughter. Sob. Right reasons. Daughter. Sob. Sob. Sob.
• Michelle I don’t ever remember anyone saying you were there for the wrong reason, but thanks for clearing that up for us. You were almost as repetitive as you were on your birthday.
• We Loved Ashley’s new hair. The only person who loved it more was our adorable Chris H. Did you see him light up as he interviewed her? Oh my Chris.. keep it in your pants buddy.
• Sarah P. was eye rolling the entire episode. Please settle down Sarah we don’t even know who you are and neither does Brad?
• Brad came out and told one she was an incredible woman. The other she was an exceptional woman, and another she was an amazing woman, and reported to Chris that he was in love with an excellent woman. One thing is for sure that Brad loves him some woman.
• Next week it’s the ultimate and final rose. So put in your vote. Will it be Emily or Chantal? Really put in your vote, because I’ve prepared a little prize for those of you who get it right.


  1. I have to vote for Emily because of how infatuated he is with her. But I wish he was going to pick Chantal because he can really be himself with her. I think that their relationship is more real. Emily needs to be the next Bachelorette so that she can find a man less boring and up to her caliber.

  2. Emily, all the way! He's totally head-over-heels for her.

  3. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! You made my Tuesday! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oh Chris H. Where would anyone be without him? I'm picking Chantal. . simply because she's more. . . shall we say slutty?? She's half naked most three times that Brad has seen her and those boobs. . . yikes. But, we'll see.
    Love you!!

  4. If I ever would watch the show, I would vote for Chantal... lets face it she has the whole package. Seriously she has both of them packaged up ready to bounce on Brad!!

  5. Ooooh! I don't know, my guess is for Emily because he keeps going over and over the fact that he was in "it" to pick a sweet down to earth girl...and you and I both know that isn't Chantal! But I wouldn't be surprised if he chose Chantal to avoid becoming an instant father...He was sooooo awkward! We shall see, I Vote Emily...final answer!

  6. Emily, it's Emily all the way!

  7. Emily!!!! Although, I'm sure he will miss Chantal O.'s ....personalities. I would kill to watch the finale with you girls! It's killing me!!!!

  8. Chantal! Mostly because I hope Emily finds someone better; you know someone with a personality. If you want to see Brad look even more boring than he does around women, put him in a room full of kids! Did ya see the video from the school in Africa? Oh, my.

  9. I so look forward to your posts each week! I had to watch this week's episode without DVR and it was a little painful. Way too much Michelle time if you ask me.

    I vote Emily all the way! She's been my fave from the begining. Plus, if he's pulled her along this far and said the things he's said, American women would hate him even more. I think Chantal might even slap brad again if he didn't choose Emily ;) Part of me agree's she majorly deserves someone better, but I think he'll pick her.

  10. Emily is my favorite. She is so sweet and so perfect! And would make Brad very happy... But I think she is too good for Brad.

    I feel like Chantal is perfect for Brad. She's not my favorite girl... but she does fit really well with him. And I think would be his best match.

    However, I can't put in my official vote, because I already know who he picks....