Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Miss Big Girl

Dear Little Miss Big Girl,

At 13 plus months you are all over the place. You crawl like a little speed racer, you love cruising up and down the stairs. Our home has a little Milly mess in every nook and cranny. You love taking books off the shelf. You enjoy destroying the pantry. And suddenly you are obsessed with toilets you always try to open them up (If your dad has not already assisted us in that task. Seriously Mace, PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN.) In my head I’m trying to call these happy little messes and I am sure I will miss them one day.

You are the very definition of a wiggle worm. In fact it has become increasingly difficult to get you dressed you kick your legs like crazy when I try to put your pants on. You fling your body and arch your back as I try to put a shirt over your head. To get clothing on your little body I have to be prepared with toys to distract you. All this wiggling has made going to church quite the challenge. Your dad and I trade you off and still it’s exhausting. How do you people with multiple kids do it?

Milly you are very particular about the way you like things. I’m blaming this one on your aunt Haley. The entire time you were bottle fed you would only take one bottle. Now that you are a big sippy cup kid you will only take one type, give you something else and you’d rather starve than have it not what you prefer, or rather demand.

You find every tag on every blanket and every toy. You like to rub the tag with one hand and suck the thumb of your other hand. It’s your self-soothing mechanism, and really quite adorable.

I have come to label you as the “World’s Worst Eater.”I am always trying to sneak food in your mouth as if it is my life’s mission to get you fed. When you are done eating you let us know by beginning to throw all the food off your tray. Oh boy.

You have a lot of dark curly hair. It’s so fun for me to do. I’m forever putting it in little pony tails and adorning it with bows. I glimpsed at my one year old pictures the other day and we have the exact same hair. We look quite alike, although you are little bigger and have your dad’s eyes and chin. We like to think you’re a cute little package.

You can say mama, dada, hi and hello. When you speak you’ve got the softest, sweetest little voice. We just can’t get enough.

Milly although you are a toddler, you still have the look of a little baby. You’ve still got those chubby cheeks that I cannot stop kissing.

Milly dear I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for continuing to bring your Dad and me a joy we have never known.

Stay sweet my love,

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  1. Ahhhh. . her little diaper bum is DARLING in those pants. And those curls. . Milly, I love you!