Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bachelor Review: Week 9

• I’m calling this episode, “The most predictable rose ceremony in Bachelor history.” Do you like it Chris? Do you?”
• Brad was as boring and monotone as ever.
• Chantal was as booby as ever
• During Ashley and Brad’s date you could have cut the awkwardness with a knife, it was so thick, but there was no hesitation when it comes to the overnight question.
• The overnighter was not a stretch for booby Chantal either, but what would you have guessed when on the second date she had no pants on.
• Not only is Ashley not a dentist but she is frazzled with confusion when approaching which color of jelly bean she should choose. Smart girl.
• Ashley and Brad try to force with all their might some sort of romance, but ended up talking about mosquito nets and then most likely sleeping with each other. Ahhh, so cute. I should bounce and scream.
• Chantal’s overnight date was in a tree house outside, wow ABC… did they cut your budget?
• Chris H. and his oversized watch finally steal a therapy session. Chris has so much insight.
• When Chris H. talks to Brad do you think in his head he has to repeat, “Look interested, nod your head, and look interested.”
• Emily was of course classy and said she wanted to take the overnight date to just “talk.” Oh Emily, famous last words…
• Do you think he sleeps with all three of them? This question plagues my mind every season.
• Brad, breaking all Bachelor rules, pulls out the L-word for Emily.
• Why do they always say falling in front of the L-word, do they think it makes them sound less ridiculous that they could love a person they have spent a total of 6 hours with? Because it’s not fooling me.
• He let Ashley go, but our rule breaker didn’t do it in front of the others. Good for you Brad.
• And the question on every mind in America or at least every small mind in America is… Will he bolt …again?
• Next week is Women Tell All. So let’s all put on our bitch hats and battle it out over a man who dumped us on national TV.


  1. LOVE IT! Is it sick that I have been waiting all day until I could put the kids in bed and read your review of this, oh so predictable, show? Thanks again for making it worth watching, I almost want to take notes just to see how they compare to yours.

  2. HA HA HA HA HA!!!! I think we should call her booby SHAWNTEL from now on. Oh, I feel pathetic watching this stupid show. ;-)

  3. I heard a nasty rumor that Ashley will be the new bachelorette! Can you imagine a full season of her? We'll need a lot of chocolate!