Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY: Fabric Covered Boxes

Above my front door there is a large empty space that had been begging for a little color. I've done fabric covered canvases and thought maybe I could pull off the same look if I cut up my big Home depot boxes that were just sitting in my basement waiting for their re- purpose assignment.

First: Cut box using the fold lines as your guide.
Second: Measure, so you''ll now how much fabric you'll need.
Third: I ended up taping a couple pieces of cardboard together for a bit more dimension
 Fourth: Cut out fabric and iron. Don's skip the iron step.
 Fifth: Fold the fabric around the cardboard and staple it down. I just used a normal stapler.
 Sixth: Hang up with Command Strips. (kind of a crooked picture, but you get the idea.)
I purchased the fabric from My Girlfriends Quilt Shop.


  1. Does Pinterest re-direct itself to your blog now?? I love this idea!! I am actually going to the store today to find something to hang over our new shelves downstairs, AND this my friend, is it!!!

    1. Do it! And yes I did pin this post to pinterest.