Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If these Skis Could Talk

We first met when she was in college. Our connection was instantaneous. We’ve seen some pretty remarkable mountains together. We’ve experienced the best of, Utah, Colorado and British Columbia. I’ve been with her through failed relationships. I was there as she out-skied Jonathon and then there was Matt, he was okay, not great. I remember the Targee trip like it was yesterday, it’s where she first knew she had met her match. Mason was the guy to really try us. I knew he was the one before she did.  I was there when her one and only asked for her hand. At the top the “Dream” lift he placed the diamond on her finger. I’ve never felt her legs shake as much as they did on that special day.

I’ve guided her down mountains she thought were too steep to face on her own. I’ve been beat up by a rock or two when she just couldn’t resist going out of bounds, both of us, an absolute sucker for adventure. I am always trying to keep up with boys. I’ve side stepped up traitorous terrain all for only a few more turns in deep powder. I’ve been with her as lasting friendships were created. I am her favorite accessory. I have served as a reliable vehicle to deepen her relationship with her husband.  Needless to say, we’ve had a lot of really memorable days together. I can say with confidence I know her, better than she knows herself. I know she hates the easy stuff; she wants it fluffy and just cold enough to keep it that way. She loves the way I glide just right on top of the powder. We have worn the title, “Powder Hound” a time or two.

I am the one who gently nudges her to make one more turn, push out of the traverse one more time; because I know she’ll thank me in the end. She doubts herself; I wish she wouldn’t.  She’s so much more than she gives herself credit for. In many ways I am her compass pointing her down the hill that will lead to the happiness she deserves.
By the end of each winter she puts me up, I rest in her garage like a trophy, reigning over the other toys with a slight boast in my posture because… I know her.

This post was prompted by Write on Edge. We were challenged to tell our story from the point of view of an object who bore witness in 400 words or less.


  1. Love it! This line especially: "I am always trying to keep up with boys."

    I love the way the skis are a metaphor for her direction in life - that the skis think she underestimates herself. Brilliant and very honest writing, too.

    Excellent way to meet the hubby and proposal scene too. Lucky, lucky skis.

  2. I'm assuming you are the skier? I'm so jealous. I've never done any sort of snow activity. Never even put on skis. I have a friend who is forever posting awesome pictures of her adventures living in Colorado and I want to try it so much. Seems like it would be so expensive to try, though. You can rent all that equipment, right?

    Enough about me. I really enjoyed the writing and how your experiences varied from boy to boy. :-)

    1. Thanks Jen,
      Yes you can rent just about everything. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Love the line, "I’ve never felt her legs shake as much as they did on that special day." Who would better know than a pair of skis? I've never snow skied a day in my life, but I can see the attachment you have for your skis and memories. Especially since they were there when you met your one and only. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Think of what we could do if only we had reliable friends like this to push us when we doubt ourselves. i enjoyed the relationship described in your piece.

  5. Wow! If I had skis, and if they could talk, they would say "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

    Your skis are much calmer than mine. I'm jealous.

  6. Love this! Love the confidence the skis have in you, the support they give you. They've been with you through a lot and that shows in this lovely tribute to them.

  7. I so understand how important your skis (did I spell that correctly) are to you.

  8. Love the proposal while skiing. Some of my favorite vacations with friends, guys, hubby and children have been on the slopes. I love the nudging to do one more run and the "Powder Hound"...always wanting to make fresh tracks.